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Menu Cards

A simple design helps consumers understand your brand better and the overall quality of the menu card captivates their attention. To hook your consumers to the product, Printery provides menu cards printing service to design and print a variety of creative and innovative menu cards for you.

Multicoloured, simple, embossed, notebook type, digitally printed and graphically elegant; we print menu cards that go well with all your products and services. Putting our creatives on the best quality print, our menu cards printing service makes your menu cards more than just a menu.


Printery is more than a printing house. It is a partner, who really cares about the outcome whether it is just a brochure or a complex collateral. Together we brainstorm, improvise, fail at testing and succeed at delivery of end product. I entrust our brand identity to Printery with closed eyes.

Anastasia Kuzmenko

Our collaboration with Printery goes beyond the client-supplier level, it’s like having our own in-house production department. They involve themselves in every project, offering consultancy and advice to get the best solution quality / price.

Bogdan Borascu


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