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Spiral book binding is ideal to bind 2 – 150 sheets of 100 gsm paper. It is available in black, white, silver and gold, and in various sizes.

Reach out to us for our spiral binding services to make your marketing collateral attention-grabbing! Printery offers functional ease for your printed project with spiral book binding. With spiral binding, books can fold back upon themselves yet remain open flat on a desk for easy reference. Ideally used to bind 2 – 150 sheets of 100 gsm paper, it is an excellent choice for proposals, directories, cookbooks, trade show material, merchandising guide and maintenance manuals.

Made from durable metal, we use spiral coils in a variety of sizes to accommodate printed material of varying thickness, be it handouts, booklets, courseware or calendars. Spruce up your reports and sales presentation with our colourful spiral book binding in black, white, silver and gold.

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