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Saddle Stich

Saddle stitch binding requires number of pages divisible by four. It is perfect for 8 – 52 sheets of 100 gsm paper. It is available in black, white, silver and gold, and in various sizes.

Characterized by a stapled spine and sleek appearance, saddle stitching binding is a cost-effective solution for binding your printed project together. We provide you with design flexibility with our saddle stitch binding.

Owing to the relatively simple process of this binding method, we assure a quick turn-around of the output. Saddle stitch binding requires pages in multiples of four. It is perfect for 8 – 48pages of 100 gsm paper. At Printery, saddle stitch binding is available in various sizes in silver colour.


Printery is more than a printing house. It is a partner, who really cares about the outcome whether it is just a brochure or a complex collateral. Together we brainstorm, improvise, fail at testing and succeed at delivery of end product. I entrust our brand identity to Printery with closed eyes.

Anastasia Kuzmenko

Our collaboration with Printery goes beyond the client-supplier level, it’s like having our own in-house production department. They involve themselves in every project, offering consultancy and advice to get the best solution quality / price.

Bogdan Borascu

We are extremely satisfied with the products and services we receive from Printery. The staff is very customer-oriented and a pleasure to do business with. Our orders are delivered error-free in a timely, consistent manner. We appreciate your dedication to your clients.

Jay Ahmed

Printery has been our supplier of choice for the past few years. Their excellent capabilities, ability to deliver on time and competitive prices are the key factors. They always respond to challenging tasks and tasks that require fast turnaround promptly and positively. Printery is a supplier that understands our needs, deadlines and high quality requirements.

Elisa Campos

Printery have supported us on many projects over the past couple of years, everything from a simple flyer or brochure to bespoke binders and packaging.
Our concepts can sometimes be quite challenging, but working the ideas through with the Printery team, the end result always has the desired outcome.

Richard West


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