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Pur Binding

PUR Binding is a softcover book binding technique. It differs from Perfect Binding with respect to the glue used and takes approximately 24 hours to dry. PUR bookbinding is polyurethane reactive adhesive that is the strongest available binding glue. Its structural integrity is unaffected by extreme temperatures, thus increasing its durability.

No need to worry about fractured spines or pages coming loose! To keep your bound project intact with impeccable finishing, Printery utilizes Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive for quality and durability. With structural integrity that is unaffected by extreme temperatures, it is the most durable binding glue available.

The superior flexibility of PUR bookbinding gives the spine a crisp appearance and prevents cracking when the book is opened wide or pressed down flat. Additionally, our PUR binding comes with better resistance to page pull-out. We recommend this binding for volumes that are thicker than usual, and which need to be kept intact for a long time.

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