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Canadian Binding

Canadian Binding is a binding option where a wire is used to hold the book together. It differs from Wiro binding as the wiring is not visible on the spine. It is partially exposed at the front and back covers of the book. Content can also be printed on the the spine of the book.

Give a sophisticated look to your printed project with our Canadian Binding. This binding option offers a finished look with no wire binding visible on the spine, ensuring your book lies completely flat when opened. It allows for fully personalized covers as well as a printable spine.

Canadian Binding is perfect for booklets, sensitive documents, cooking books, manuals, reports, brochures and catalogues. With the full Canadian Wiro Binding technique, the cover leaf is folded back on itself to be bound in the wire, leaving your book with a square spine and uninterrupted covers. Whereas in half Canadian Binding, the spiral is visible on the back cover.

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